Message Queue – Part 1 (Message Broker)

Message Queue Flow

Message Queue Flow

Understanding Message Broker

Message broker is an intermediary program which translates the language of a system from one Globally acceptable languages to another by way of a telecommunications medium.

In Simple , It mediates communication amongst applications.

The purpose of a broker is to take incoming messages from applications and perform some action on them.

Route messages to one or more of many destinations

  • Transform messages to an alternative representation
  • Interact with an external repository to augment a message or store it
  • Invoke Web Service to retrieve data
  • Respond to events or errors
  • Provide content and topic-based message routing using the publish-subscribe pattern. etc

What’s message-oriented middleware (MOM)

  1. A category of software for communication in an asynchronous, loosely-coupled, reliable, scalable, and secure manner among distributed applications or systems
  2. It acts as a message mediator between message senders and message receivers.
  3. Applications send and receive messages via the MOM using what are known as destinations.
  4. Senders know nothing about receivers and receivers know nothing about senders. This is known as asynchronous messaging.
  5. A MOM to provide an API for sending and receiving messages and otherwise interacting with the MOM.









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