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Playing with Groovy – Tutorial 1

Groovy!Ā  Yes šŸ™‚ , although there are so many languages running on JVM, but the reason i choosed groovy , so that i can effectively write Java EE build automation scripts in Gradle.Ā  Well dont need to confuse yourself with #gradle , #groovy #jvm etc… We are here to explore Groovy.

Groovy is

Object Oriented Scripting Language.

A Loosely Typed Language i.eĀ there is no need to define the data-types for the variables and for the return type of the methods.

Provides the ability to statically type check and statically compile your code for robustness and performance … etc

Ability to Implicit Return


SupportsĀ Default Parameters , if u dont pass the parameter , the default value of the parameter will be utilized.

 def setPrice(price = 100.00){
    this.price = price

Well there are so many pros we can discuss about groovy , lets start our development with downloading Groovy